About Us

About Us

We are a group of entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers with a big vision and a simple mission: to make home automation irresistibly easy and lucrative for the home building and renovation industry.

Otto lets you easily sell and install smart home systems—either one at a time or on a large scale—with no disruption to your regular business operations, and with the potential for significant profits.

We have created what we believe to be the best smart home technology available today—affordable, engaging, easy for anyone to use, and a huge money-saver.

What’s more, we have made it easy for you to deliver this system to your customers. We provide sales tools and tracking software. We give you the ability to set your own profit margins. And we make installation a breeze by delivering a complete “system-in-a-box” that can be easily installed by the contractors you know and trust.

Whether you own a renovation company or manage technology with a large builder, otto is the partner you need—a provider of smart home technology that takes care of ALL the details, so you can profit from the home automation revolution without missing a beat on what you are doing now.

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