How it works

Otto makes it easier than ever to sell, install, and profit from the rapidly growing world of home automation.

Upload Blueprints

Simply upload your product line, and we’ll use that data to program your smart-home systems, whether you sell one or 500 houses per year.

One-Click Automation

Our software makes it easy to sell smart homes with zero technical knowledge. One-click ordering means a complete system arrives ready to go.

System in a Box

No special installation training required. Everything arrives in one box. We program each component based on the design of the house, and label every component for easy installation.

Superior to everything on the market

Otto works exclusively with builders, using your actual blueprints to understand each home inside and out, on a structural level. This is not an add-on feature—otto is integrated into a new or renovated home’s DNA. Our blueprint-level integration allows us to reduce energy and secure the home in ways that are impossible with so-called “smart” home products you buy off the shelf. Always monitoring, always learning, otto is the heart and brain of the truly automated home.


Our app

Lights, locks, thermostat, and security—all controlled by your smartphone. See why customers love otto.


Cross-device compatibility

Apple or Android? With otto, it doesn’t matter. Our systems are compatible with all the latest devices from all the biggest players. So let us worry about compatibility, and you can sleep easy knowing that no matter what platform your customer wants, it works the day they move in.

For one home, or a thousand

No matter how many homes you’re building, in how many styles, and across how many markets, otto is always simple to use. Just upload your blueprints, make a few key selections, and we’ll take it from there.


Your branding, at your price

Otto makes it easy to produce quick, accurate quotes for clients with your mark-up already included (but not shown).

Walk a client through the benefits, room by room and feature by feature, letting their imaginations take hold. When it comes time to discuss costs, you’ll be ready at a push of a button to provide a detailed and itemized quote, highlighting your brand, that you can either print and include in a proposal, or email to a prospective buyer on the spot.

Need to talk?

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