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What is involved in the Pilot Program?

Simply put, you get everything you need to take otto for a free test drive. All the hardware, all the features, and all the support you would get if you committed to otto on a large scale. What’s more, you get to have input on the development of otto at a very crucial stage, by offering your suggestions on how to refine the product before it goes into any homes you build.

Are there any long term commitments?

No. If you decide at any time that otto is not the right fit for you, you can simply return the hardware and cancel your participation in the Pilot Program with no obligation whatsoever.

I’ve heard all this automation talk before. How is otto different?

So far, home automation features have either been after-market add-ons for the consumer, or pre-completion headaches for the builder. Otto is the first system designed to optimize ease and profitability for a builder or contractor, while at the same time providing a simple, attractive money-saving, no-brainer solution for the homeowner.

How can the Pilot Program benefit my company?

How often do you get to fully test and evaluate a new home feature in real world conditions before deciding on whether to invest? This is the ultimate early-adopter advantage—a no-risk, high-reward opportunity to get advance access to what we believe is the future of home technology.

What if I’m not a Builder or Renovator?

We are confident that otto has what it takes to become the system of choice for anyone who owns a home or works in the home improvement industry in any capacity. For now, however, we are limiting participation in this Pilot Program to home builders and those who work in the home renovation industry.

How is this a competitive advantage?

In an industry where differentiating your homes in a significant way can add up to millions, the advantages of a system like this that seizes on the way people live today are obvious. And by participating in the Pilot Program, you get a significant head start on competitors who are just beginning to figure out what today’s home automation is really all about.

Who is responsible for technical support?

We are. Once you have otto installed and once the customer buys the home, you never have to think of it again. If anyone has a question about or problem with their otto system, we are the ones to step up and give on-the-spot support.

Does the system have a warranty?

Yes. Every otto system comes with a comprehensive one-year warranty. But our commitment goes well beyond words on a page. We are in the business of creating lifetime customers, and that means nobody—not you, not the homeowner—gets left hanging in times of trouble, ever.

What happens if a home buyer decides they don’t want otto?

It sounds crazy but it can happen. If a new buyer is really not interested in the otto experience, we can quickly and easily remove the system and the unused otto hardware can be returned and credited to your account.

Isn’t wireless technology unreliable?

We’re not talking about “searching for signals” here. Otto uses sophisticated wireless mesh networking, which means the more links you add, the more redundancy gets built in, and the more reliable the system becomes.

You mean if there is a system failure, the homeowner won’t be left in the dark?

Exactly. Not only is the system designed for reliability, but even if a failure were to occur, the homeowner can always revert to regular light and lock functions.

How much risk is involved in trying out otto?

None. No capital expenditure, no construction delays, no ongoing support issues. You can apply to participate in the Pilot Program and get a free installation of otto to test drive for yourself.

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